2014-2015 Mushing Season Recap


The TrailRoc team had a great mushing season this year, covering more ground than ever before. However it's never enough! I'm pretty sure that unless we have one last winter blast coming, today was our last tour on the trails until next fall. We were able to squeeze in a lot or musing in a short time. We didn't miss a weekend since January. I thought I'd share some of the stats we collected with Mushometer.

2014-2015 Season Stats:

Number of runs: 29

Kilometers ran: 224

Average Distance per run: 7.7km

Trail time: 27 hours, 40 minutes and 6 seconds

Spryte, Jack and Ralf racked up the most distance with 224 km covered over the season. Ember was nursing a litter during fall training so she came in at the back of the pack with 193km. I'm looking forward to getting those pups harnessed up in the fall.

Spryte worked all season in lead with Jack and finished four qualifying legs for her Working Lead Dog title, but it looks like we've run out of time to squeeze in another leg this year.

After running and racing on a borrowed or well-loved second hand sled for the last 11 years, we finally got our very own new sled from Arctic Star Sled Company. It's a fantastic piece of work. You've got to love that new sled smell.

We entered 4 Races this season, finishing with the Red Lantern in each of them but still having a great time as usual.

We were looking forward to racing at Daaquam again this year, but unfortunately the pure-bred mid-distance class was dropped from the program.

As the season come to and end I can't help but start thinking about what adventures we'll have next year.

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