Presenting the Canine & Keyboard Logo


When the idea for this blog finally presented itself, the logo idea was fully formed too. I did a very quick place holder that you can see below. The pure definition of Programmer Art. I couldn't publish anything with that in the header.

When the opportunity presented itself to have the super talented Boum work up a version for me, I jumped at it and I'm glad she accepted. I sent along my horrible mockup, some photos of Spryte with keyboard and she nailed what I had in mind on the first crack.


I've already said that she's super-talented but you don't have to take my word for it. Check our her day in the life webcomic at She's also recently launched a new web comic serilization of her 2012 book "La Petite Révolution" (A Small Revolution). Published for the first time in English. You can check that out at

Thank you Sam.

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