First Impressions


I've had the Watch for a day and a half now, and while I'm not ready to write a review, I do have some first thoughts.

It's no more noticeable than my Citizen Eco-drive. It feels nice on the wrist and the sport band is very comfortable.

The Home Screen UI is really responsive. It's fun to drag those little icons around and watch them all shrink and grow. I haven't had much trouble tapping on icons either as some have complained.

The Haptic feedback, the taps on the wrist, is very cool. It's so much better than being bothered by another altert sound, and it doesn't feel anything like your typical phone on vibrate.

So far the killer app has been the Activity app. Watching those three rings fill is like a little game. The periodic reminders to get up and go do something are great. I don't know how accurate the calorie burn measurements are but it's great to have some feedback throughout the day. It really makes you think about staying active. There's been a few instances of the Watch tapping me on the wrist to remind me that I should stand up and move around, immediately after I've just been up and doing some stuff. I know the first time I miss my exercise goal for the day I'm going to feel terrible about it. Motivation.

The watch faces are nice. I've been alternating between the Color and Modular faces. I'd really like to use the Modular face but if I configure it how I'd like it, there's a huge gaping empty spot in the center of the Watch. An iPhone app that allowed you to create and customize watch faces would be fantastic.

I picked up a pair of bluetooth Earbuds eariler this week so I could test out listening to music from the Watch. It works well and for $27, the Earbuds are impressive. Not having a cord dangling and getting in my way all the time is really liberating.

I'll see how battery usage changes during the work week, but I've been wearing the watch for almost 17 hours now and the watch is down to 32%. I think that's pretty good considering all the tinkering I did with it today.

That's all for now.

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