Waiting and Watching


It's the eve of the The Apple Watch launch and Mushometer is not ready yet. In fact, it's far from ready. In theory I've had a lot of time to work on Watch support since the SDK was released in November.

There are a few reasons there won't be Watch support this week. First, I set a goal for myself that I wasn't allowed to work on any Watch ideas until Mushometer 3.3.1 was done, which just went live recently.1 Second, mushing is an activity that really requires a firm grip with two hands under most circumstances. When I'm out with the dogs, my phone is securely in my jacket pocket.2 By it's very nature, the Apple Watch is a two-handed device. To do anything more complex than look at the time, two hands are required.3

That means that interacting with the Mushometer Watch App requires letting go of the sled completely. Not to mention making sure you can find the Watch buried under your mitts and the sleeve of your coat. There are a bunch of usability problems to overcome, and to really think about solving those I need to have an Apple Watch on my wrist.

That's the biggest reason I haven't really tackled Watch development in any serious way. I've done some redesigning of the App Icon to accommodate the circular icon template of the Apple Watch and I've done a mockup of the App on the Watch, but that's about it.

With any luck I should be receiving my Watch tomorrow. I'm looking forward to experimenting with ideas for Mushometer and also trying all the other apps that will be available at launch. Wearables offer a whole new interaction model and while we've had the simulator to play with, most developers have yet to use a real Apple Watch. Exiting times indeed.

Usability is important for a tool like Mushometer and I really want to take the time to get it right.

1: Version 3.3.2 is coming very soon with some bug fixes and a few new features.

2: Where it should be. I'm trying to focus more on being 100% with the team and not distracted by gadgets. Very ironic I know.

3: Maybe. I've got some ideas for the construction of a Watch Mount for my sled. Maybe I'll put something up on Instructibles.

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