Reconcilable Differences


There are already so many great shows on the podcast network, but not content to stop there, Reconcilable Differences featuring John Siracusa and Merlin Mann debuted yesterday.

John and Merlin talk about how they got to be who they are, growing up in the world of 80's home computers and early 90's internet. Having grown up at roughly the same time, their memories of early Macs, dial-up internet, and the newness of it all really resonate with me.

Some of the things I remember from those years:

  • Figuring out for the first time how to successfully format a floppy disk on the Commodore and then writing a Basic program to do it for me. Of course it required swapping the disks!
  • Connecting to Mac BBS systems with my 300 baud modem.
  • Pining over the Mac SE at the local library with the external hard disk that clicked like crazy.
  • Swapping floppies filled with Mac apps.
  • Using Hypercard to hack our way through the security software on the Mac computers in the CAD lab. I can't remember what it was called.
  • Going to Computer World each week so we could pick up our free floppy disk.
  • Spending countless hours with ResEdit making icons and modifying things on my Mac.
  • Playing Multi-player DooM over dial-up.
  • Learning HTML and hosting my first website 3 levels deep on someone else's system who I didn't even know. Of course I edited the files live on the server!
  • Completing my University programming assignments via telnet while dealing with the insane latency of a dial-up internet connection.

If you have these kinds of fond memories of that time, you should give this first episode a listen.

I should a post about podcasts. Here is a preview.

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