WWDC, Next Stop


Tomorrow morning I'll be on a plane headed for San Francisco to attend WWDC. It's my first trip to SF too. I'm really looking forward to attending the Keynote and sessions and meeting developers from all over the world.

The tech press is all abuzz about what might or might not be unveiled at Monday's event. For sure we will have all the details on iOS 9 and the next version of Mac OS X. There are certainly some things that I'd like to see.

  • Native Watch Apps. Besides the technical issues I've had with the current SDK, knowing that a native app SDK might be just around the corner has lead me not to rush into Watch App development for Mushometer.
  • An SDK for building Apple TV Apps. It seems like a great time for this. How will it all work? Will there be some sort of controller? We might know soon. Or not.
  • Apple's own streaming music service. This one is almost guaranteed. Would love to drop Rdio and unify my music collection again.
  • There are no CoreData sessions on the WWDC calendar. Perhaps we will get a replacement for CoreData?
  • New Extension types for iOS. Mail and Maps would be two great candidates for extensions.
  • Impossible wish: A dark theme for iOS9. I really love the Activity App's visual design. I would love to see what Apple could do with that system wide.

Outside of the conference, I've got tickets for The Talk Show and you can find me at the App Camp for Girls Fundraising Happy Hour. I'm also planning on joining the WWDC hike if I can make it.

See you there.

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