A Cure for the Beta Blues


If you're an iOS developer with a few test devices, you've probably had your old beta iOS expire before you remembered to install the latest beta. Under normal circumstances this isn't a big deal to recover from. It's easy to use iTunes to install the latest beta ipsw. If you are testing iOS 9 on your "carry" iPad Mini like I do, and you also use "Find My iPhone" to track your devices, you'll run up to a little wall when you try to update that makes things just a bit more complicated.

find my iPhone

iTunes will complain that Find My iPhone needs to be turned off on the device before you can install the update. Of course since the old beta software on the device is disabled you can't turn off Find My iPhone from the device itself. This has happened to me twice now as I was getting ready to take my iPad on a trip. This time I had to leave it home since I didn't have time to fix the problem before taking off for the weekend. Even thought I had this happen to me once before, I had to think about it while I was away on my trip, because the solution isn't immediately obvious. I'm also writing this post so that I or someone like me can find this later when it happens again.

Just sign in to icloud.com or use Find My iPhone on one of your other devices to erase the device with the expired beta and then remove it from Find My iPhone. Now you can update to the latest beta and restore your last backup.

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