Friday Roundup


I'm starting off a new series of posts. Each Friday I'll present a mixed-bag of links and observations from the week. Buckle up!

Five Minutes With iPad Pro ##

My first impression is that it’s BIG! Really big. My iPad mini looks comically small in comparison now. Browsing in Safari is nice. The home screen seems really empty. I hope that in future versions of iOS that the iPad Pro receives some feature enhancements that take advantage of the increased screen real estate.

I don’t think I’ll buy one, but I am considering trading in my iPad Mini for an iPad Air. I can wait a while to see if the Apple Pencil will come to the smaller iPads next year.

Is an Emoji is worth 1,000 Words? ##

Oxford Dictionary announces 2015 word of the year, and it’s an emoji?😂 How fitting. The short list is interesting. I’ve been using “they” to refer to a person of undetermined sex for years. Lumber sexual, sure, why not!

To Leash or Not To Leash? ##

Should I leash my dog? An excellent poster from is a great aid for deciding when your furry pal should be on the end of a leash. Spoilers: the answer is almost always yes, for many great reasons. Click the link and take a look at the chart to find out why.

Badge Arcade ##

Last week Nintendo released Badge Arcade in North America. The basic idea is that you play variations on the classic crane game to win stickers and themes for your 3DS Home menu. I pushes all my nostalgia buttons with all the classic artwork and sprites. Nintendo has really been delivering some interesting experiments in In App Purchase and Micro Transaction based games. Last year’s Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was basically an adventure game story where the user progressed by haggling over the price of in app purchases. You can play for free once each day but after that 5 tries at the crane machines costs 99 cents. I’ve already spend a few bucks to see how things work. That rabbit arcade owner has my number!

Dog Power Funded ##

It was a bit touch and go in the last week but the Dog Power documentary met it’s $30,000 funding goal on Kick Starter. I can’t wait to see the final product. I hope that projects like this can show the world how extraordinary our canine athletes are and how much they enjoy running.

Wolf Link Amiibo ##

This week’s Nintendo Direct included a bunch of nice announcements that were not entirely unexpected. An HD of Twilight Princess is coming to the Wii U, complete with a Wolf Link amiibo. I’ll probably be forced against my will to get one of these things. Star Fox Zero still looks underwhelming, my interest level is mild.

Read All About It! ##

Canine and Keyboard is now in Apple News. Open this link on your iOS device.

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