A New Year Begins


I have a pile of in-progress posts I've been working on, about dogs and robots and other things, but until those are ready to go here are a few interesting links. Some of these are from kottke.org. You might want to check it out too.

Frozen Soap Bubbles

Incredibly beautiful.

Your Family: Past, Present, and Future

A Wait But Why classic. Just as interesting to ponder in the context of human relationships as in a canine breeding program.

What happens if I just keep extending my family tree up and up and up? What exactly is a fourth cousin and how many of them do I have and where are they all right now? How weird is it that to some kid in 2300, I’m one of the old-fashioned-looking dudes really high in his family tree on a level with hundreds of others?

Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars figures

I was in my local Walmart recently and spent too much time looking at these things. They are all fantastic! Resting the urge to buy these things is difficult.

Beards 101: From the dawn of civilization to lumbersexuals

CBC’s The Current asks the question, “Why do men have beards?”.


Check out this great set of icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch and other platforms.

Why Pay a Wedding Photographer?

What a great idea to let your dog film your wedding. If my GoPro was more reliable I’d love to have a Fetch GoPro Harness to try with the dogs.

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