Animals Inside Out



Today I visited the Montreal Science Centre to see the Animals Inside Out exhibition. When Body Worlds was in Montreal a few years back I took the opportunity to visit. It was breathtaking to see the human body laid bare. There is no magic in there. Bone, muscles, arteries, organs all visible, cast in plastic from real human bodies. Amazing works of both science and art. Sadly however, no photography was permitted.

When I saw that there was an exhibit of similarity prepared animals coming to town I couldn't say no. As a dog breeder and someone who spends a lot of time evaluating animal structure I couldn't pass up the chance to have a look inside. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

I was surprised upon arrival to see that photography was not only permitted, but encouraged! I made use of that privilege to grab some great shots from the exibition. There are some who may be put off by the photos. Not me. Being able to see how everything fits together, the angulation and placement of a caribou's muscles, tendons and bones while at gallop, the complete capillary system of a dog. To me these are amazing machines born by accident and of stardust.

I'd encourage anyone who is the least bit interested in the anatomy of physiology of animals to take the time to visit while Animals Inside Out is in town.

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