It's WWDC Ticket Time Again


Yesterday the story broke that Siri knew the dates for this year's WWDC. A short while later, I received the email notification that the WWDC ticket lottery was open for registration. Now the waiting game begins.

Being able to attend WWDC last year was amazing. My first trip to the The Foggy City was a busy one; my first live Apple event, sessions, labs, The Bash, the Talk Show live and so much more. I came back to Montreal energized to do great things! It was all pretty overwhelming but I knew that I wanted to go back and do it again. If I have a second chance this year I'll try to learn more, see more, do more and meet more people.

Check out my photos from WWDC 2015.


The WWDC slogan for 2015 was "The Epicenter of Change". We saw iOS 9, watchOS 2, Mac OS X El Capitan and more Swift. This year's theme seems to be "Hello". The source code inspired, fixed-width font design is colorful and perhaps means a focus on swift and Xcode. The "Helo WWDC Code Poem" might hint at many of the things we will see unveiled in June. With any luck I'll be there to see it live.

What's the Big Deal?

If you want to know what WWDC is all about or want to know why anyone would want to pay $1,600 USD for a ticket, listen to the latest episode of the Under the Radar podcast. Marco and David take 30 minutes to discuss the merits of spending a week in SF attending the conference. (Spoiler: it's worth if even if you don't have a conference ticket. )

My WWDC Wish list

If someone twisted my arm I could probably make a list of things I'd like to see at the event. Ow!

  • WatchOS 3 featuring speed improvements, new complication types (with faster update intervals), a new UI To replace the icon cluster on the home screen.
  • iOS 10 with a new focus on iPad productivity. Now that I've joined the "Post-PC" crowd I want more extension types, multi-tasking drag and drop, and better support for working with attachments in Mail.
  • Xcode for iPad. This is a big one for me, and it probably needs to support github or some type of iCloud based code repository.
  • A Siri API for developers. Siri has been in iOS now for longer than it hasn't. It's time to open things up so developers can make great things. Apple needs to take a lesson from Amazon on this one.

All I can do now is wait. ⌚️

Update: I did get a ticket!

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