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A GPS logging tool for dog powered sports

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User Guide

The User Guide is currently being written. An in-progress version is here.

Curent Version - 7.0.0 - May, 2021

  • Fixed some pesky bugs.
  • Improved support for iOS 14..
  • Removed weather features as the underlying service is being discontinued.
  • Removed the classic widget as it is no longer supported in iOS 14.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to contact me with suggestions and bug reports. It's because of your feedback that Mushometer has continued to evolve for the past seven years!

Current Bug List

Usually I try to fix bugs as quickly as I can. Here are the list of issues that I know about but haven't been able to reproduce or fix yet. If you are having a bug listed below or something else, let me know about it too.

  • Emoji characters cause problems if they are used in Notes on Runs, Teams or Trails.
  • Sometimes if the GPS signal is lost during recording long lines will be drawn on the map and the distance calculations are not accurate. I can't really fix this but I'm working on a way to clearly indicate that there were problems recording during the run. If this happens to you and you know the approximate distance of your trail, you can always set the distance manually after the run has been recorded.


The FAQ has been moved into the Mushometer User Guide.

Feature Requests

  • Graphs for comparing performance of teams
  • A PDF report for dogs
  • A PDF report for all the runs during a season
  • Compare custom teams with the same dogs in a different configuration
  • Save custom team to the teams list
  • iCloud sync for data sharing between devices


Found a bug? Have a question not listed above or a suggestion for a feature? Send me an email at eric.schweichler@gmail.com.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated May 27, 2017

I treat the privacy of my customers very seriously. Data collected by Mushometer is governed by this policy.

By using Mushometer you consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of Mushometer indicates your acceptance of this policy and any modifications of it that I might make in the future. The current Privacy Policy will always be published here and can be checked at any time.

Apple HealthKit Integration

In order to record your runs as workouts, Mushometer ask for permission to write data to the Apple HealthKit database on your iPhone. Mushometer does not read data from the Apple HealthKit database.

Mushometer cannot write data to the Apple HealthKit database unless you specifically grant access.

Your runs and location data are not transmitted anywhere by the Mushometer app unless you choose to use the built in sharing features yourself.

The protection of any data stored on your iPhone and Apple Watch within the Mushometer app is your sole responsibility. Please consult your device documentation on how to manage local storage and how to apply appropriate security controls to your device for the protection of information.

Mushometer is in no way responsible for the protection of data and information stored within the Apple HealthKit database. It is strongly recommended that you review Appleā€™s applicable policies and procedures before synching and backup up your Apple HealthKit data.


If you have questions, contact me via email.

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